What is Promotional, Transactional and Service Bulk SMS routes in DLT?

As per the revised TRAI Guidelines 2020, new Bulk SMS routes have been introduced. This is done to curb the problem of unsolicited SMS and protect customers from fraudulent practices.


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New Bulk SMS routes in DLT


1. Promotional Bulk SMS route in DLT

Promotional Bulk SMS include offers, discounts and marketing SMS for advertising a product or service. Promotional SMS can be sent to the Non DND numbers.

Customers can set preferences to receive promotional messages based on a particular time or day. As an example, if a mobile user has set preference to receive promotional SMS on Monday from 6 PM to 9 PM, so the messages will only be delivered to him at Monday 6 PM to 9 PM.

Sender ID (Header) can be created for sending promotional messages and it should be of 6 numeric digits (not more or less). You cannot use alphabetic characters for creating Headers in promotional route and every Header will have a unique ID set by the operator.


Promotional Bulk SMS Examples

Dear customer, Get up to 50% off on shopping of Rs. 2000 and above. Hurry up, offer valid for a limited time only!

Diwali Sale! Order now and get a free gift worth Rs. 1000. Call us at 9999999999 for more details.

The Republic Day Sale is now on! up to 40% off + extra 10% off on all orders above Rs. 1999. Visit us today.


2. Transactional Bulk SMS route in DLT

As per the latest TRAI guidelines, Transactional Bulk SMS route will be reserved only for Banks for sending One Time Password (OTP) to complete a banking transaction initiated by the bank customer. All banks including National/Scheduled/Private/Government and MNC Banks, can use the Transactional route for sending OTP to their customers.

Banks can create Header (Sender ID) of six alphabetic characters for using the Transactional route.


Transactional Bulk SMS Examples

Dear customer, OTP for transaction of INR 9500 is 48465. Please do not share it with anyone.

OTP for SBI Bank Debit Card ending xx058 is 946353. Keep it confidential.

743295 is the OTP for transaction of INR 4800 on XYZ Bank Credit Card XXOOO. Please do not disclose it with anyone.



3. Service Bulk SMS route in DLT SMS 

As per the revised TRAI Guidelines, Service (Implicit and Explicit) route has been introduced which allows a brand to send SMS to its customers informing about a product or service. Header (Sender ID) of six alphabetic characters can be created for sending SMS from the Service route.

There are 2 kinds of categories in Service route – Implicit and Explicit

A. Service Implicit SMS: Informative SMS other than OTP will fall into the category of Service Implicit route. Using this route, important notifications regarding product and services such as purchase confirmation messages, order status, alerts, reminder SMS, etc. can be conveyed to the customers. Promotional SMS cannot be transmitted using the Service Implicit route.


Example of Service Implicit Messages

  • Payment confirmation messages of a net banking, credit, or debit transactions.
  • Product purchase confirmation messages, order status updates, delivery status.
  • OTP SMS for E-commerce website login, mobile number verification, KYC, etc.
  • Messages from school for conveying important notifications such as attendance, time-table, event invitation, etc.
  • Messages from clinics/hospitals regarding appointment reminders, lab reports, bill payments, etc.
  • Mandatory Messages from Government/TRAI/DoT, local authorities, traffic advisories, election commission, disaster management advisories.
  • Service update messages from car workshops, gadget service centers.
  • Alert SMS from demat account holders, banks, insurance company, etc.


Service Implicit Bulk SMS Examples

Dear customer, your order is being prepared and will be delivered within 30 minutes.

Hello! Your account number 126383802832 has been debited by Rs. 5000.

Dear customer, your package has been delivered by our agent. Thank you for shopping with us.



B. Service Explicit SMS: SMS sent to the registered customers after receiving their consent will come under the category of Service Explicit SMS. As an example, If a ICICI Bank customer has given consent to receive promotional offers from ICICI, then these SMS will be included in the Service Explicit category. If at any point of time, the customer withdraws and opt-out of receiving these texts, then the SMS will be considered Promotional.


Service Explicit Bulk SMS Examples

Dear customer, Thank you for being our premium client. We have an exclusive offer for you. Get extra 20% discount while shopping at our store. Offer valid till this week.

Dear customer, This is to inform you that your policy renewal is due. Avail 15% discount in the renewal charges if you renew the policy before 10th February.



Classification of messages as per the new TRAI regulation

The following images below will help you in understanding and identifying the new Bulk SMS routes.

TRAI Bulk SMS routes



TRAI Bulk SMS new routes



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