What is Flash SMS, why to use and how to send it?

We are living in a cyber age where technology is in everybody’s hand. No matter who is your customer, you will find that each and every person has a mobile phone. Therefore bulk SMS marketing proves to be the best way to connect with our customers. Bulk SMS has brought a revolution in the field of advertising. With our Fast2SMS bulk SMS services you can take a leap of faith and achieve success in your business and send bulk flash SMS. Our services are specially customized and made user-friendly for the comfort of our users. One of our services is Flash SMS. Now you might be wondering what is a flash SMS.


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What is a Flash SMS ?

Flash SMS appears automatically on the receiver’s mobile screen without any user interaction. The example below will make it more clear. Simply login to our site Fast2SMS. Click on bulk SMS. Select the Sender ID if you have any or use the default Sender ID of Fast2SMS. Enter the mobile number. Type the message and click on the icon which is highlighted with red square. Flash will get enabled. Then press send.

Flash SMS icon


It appears in the mobile as below. If the receiver press save then it gets saved in your inbox, otherwise it gets deleted automatically.

flash sms in mobile


Why to use Flash SMS?

The following are the advantages of using flash SMS.

1. Flash SMS pulls the attention of the user. Whenever somebody gets a pop up displayed on his/her screen it catches their attention immediately.

2. The chances of ignoring a flash message is very less, as it directly reaches on the full screen of the mobile and the user actively needs to close it.

3. Also flash SMS can be used in case of emergencies or if you want to send confidential information such as OTP.

4. As it does not get stored in the inbox, it saves your phone’s memory.


Who can use Flash SMS and when to use?

Flash SMS is ideal for industries, companies, agencies, offices, organizations etc. who have to dispatch any important message which requires instant reaction. These days it is very famous for advertising purposes, marketing, promotion etc. where you need to grab the attention of your reader.

It is used when information to be conveyed is urgent like OTP, PIN etc. Ideally it should be used when you want to make sure that the receiver reads the message.



How to send Flash SMS in Fast2SMS?

1. Login to Fast2SMS

2. Suppose you want to send the flash SMS through promotional route. Type the number. Select the message template. Then click on the icon till it turns red. And then press send flash. Flash SMS will be sent.

Flash SMS enabled



3. After you press send, check the delivery report of the message by selecting delivery report from the left sidebar. Then click on the message and a screen will be shown. If the message is delivered a green colored circle will be displayed. When you scroll down, receiver’s number, delivery time will also be shown.

flash sms delivery report in fast2sms


So whenever you need to communicate urgent information quickly, you can use the Flash SMS service by Fast2SMS. Our services are specially designed keeping in mind the user’s requirement and we have made a panel which is easy to use and simple to understand.

Do visit Fast2SMS for sending Flash SMS and connect with your customers instantly.



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