What is Bulk Voice Call ?

Bulk Voice call is a method of communication in which a pre-recorded message is sent to a large number of people simultaneously. Now, communicating with your customers is easier than ever. With the help of our user-friendly Fast2SMS platform, you can deliver automated voice messages for promoting your business or conveying vital information.



Fast2SMS Bulk Voice call service is an affordable, efficient, and fastest way to connect with your target audience and deliver important messages. You can send both Promotional voice call for marketing and advertising purposes as well as deliver OTPs, alerts and other crucial updates.


Advantages of Fast2SMS Bulk Voice call

  • Easy to use platform
  • Reasonable service
  • No setup cost or installation charges
  • Multiple ways of adding contacts
  • Import contact list using QR code
  • DLT registration not required
  • Delivery reports visible in the panel
  • Advantages of scheduling message to be sent at a later date and time
  • Fastest route of delivering messages
  • No hidden fees
  • Option to preview and hear the voice message before it is sent
  • Transparent policies
  • Customer support for every query and concern


More than 90% people keep their phones with them 24/7. Hence, reaching out to customers via this medium has higher success rate than anything else.

Bulk Voice Call is a quick, easy and convenient medium of transmitting important information or brand promotion to your target group of customers. Sign up at Fast2SMS to send Bulk Voice call and start escalating your business revenue.


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