Voice Call FAQs

What is the Process for sending Voice Call?

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What are the charges for Voice calls? Will there be any refund?

Voice Call charges are 10 paisa for 15 seconds. If the voice call duration is 15 seconds or less, 10 paisa per voice call will be deducted from your Fast2SMS wallet balance.

Fast2SMS does not have any refund policy.  No direct transfer to bank account or paytm will be made. You can use the amount in your Fast2SMS wallet for sending Bulk SMS/ Voice call only. Funds transferred by debit cards, credit cards, wallets or any other online medium are non-refundable. As the services we offer are irrevocable in nature, we do not offer any refund for Failed SMS, for unanswered calls and for wallet balance which is left and unused.

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing with us. By making a payment and placing order at Fast2SMS, you acknowledge that you have agreed to the terms and conditions and no refund policy.


What are the reasons of Failed Voice Call?

  • Invalid number
  • Subscriber is not available at that time
  • Inbox memory is full or exceeded
  • Voice call timeout after all retry
  • Network failed
  • Unidentified Subscriber, No response from the handset.
  • Number out of coverage area/ Switched Off.
  • The recipient cannot receive incoming voice calls.
  • Network or Protocol Failure other than the listed.
  • Short voice calls rejected by MS because of no memory capacity to store the voice calls.
  • Congestion Encountered at the visited MSC or the SGSN.
  • Recipient MS has no SMS subscription.
  • No allocated IMSI or directory number for the mobile subscriber in the HLR.
  • The PLMN has rejected the short voice calls because the MS failed authentication.
  • All the retries from different operators have been made.

Note : Our system works on submission basis. Means as soon as you push the voice call from our system it will debit the voice call cost, now its on operators when they will deliver or mark that voice call as failed.

We don’t refund for failed voice call as operator also don’t refund us for the failed voice call.
If you’re sending voice calls to DND numbers from promotional route then we’ll not debit the charge for DND numbers.
What is the Approval time for Voice Call?
voice calls will be approved by Fast2SMS team in 12-24 hours.
Where can we find the delivery report for voice call?
You can view the delivery report from the Delivery Reports section on the left menu bar. Click on the Delivery Reports tab, the following screen will show up
By default, Voice Call Report will be visible on the screen. Scroll down the view the details.
report panel answered call.
As you scroll down, you will find the Voice Call SMS details as shown in the image below. You can filter the results using routes, day and time, etc. Also, you can download the excel of the delivery report by clicking on the Download Excel button.
voice call details
Once you click on the voice calls, a new tab will open with further details about the Voice Call. As shown in the image below, the status of the voice call with the reason will be displayed on the screen.
delivery details voice call sms


How to Schedule Voice Call?
Select the route and enter the mobile number. Type or upload the voice call text. And then click on the Schedule button.

how to add mobile numbers for voice calls for fast2sms profile?

As you click on Schedule, at the right side of the screen, you will get the option to select date and time of scheduling the voice call. Select the date and time and then click on Schedule.

schedule sms voice

A confirmation dialog box will show with the details of the message. Click on Confirm to confirm the scheduling of the voice call.
voice call confirmation
After approval voice call SMS will get sent to the sender as per the scheduled timeline.


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