How to add Content Template in Jio DLT?

Meaning of Content Template: It is a text message that an entity or business needs to get approved from the DLT platform before sending Bulk SMS. As per the New TRAI rules, it is mandatory for Businesses and Enterprises to register their SMS text as content templates on the DLT SMS platform.

Bulk SMS routes in DLT

1. Promotional: Messages sent for marketing a product or service come under the Promotional SMS category. As per the DLT TRAI Guidelines, promotional SMS will be delivered to non-ND numbers only with a 6-digit numeric Sender ID. Variables in the template can be denoted by {#var#}.

Template Content for Promotional route 

Actual SMSApprove Template As
Get upto 30% discount on out latest collection. Call at 9999999999 for more details.Get upto {#var#} discount on out latest collection. Call at {#var#} for more details.
Biggest sale in Bhopal! Offer valid for this week only. Install winner app now.Biggest sale in {#var#}! Offer valid for this week only. Install {#var#} app now.


2. Others (Transactional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit):

Transactional: In the latest TRAI regulation, the Transactional SMS route will be reserved for Banks for sending OTP only. No other Business Entity or Company can use this route for delivering OTP. All banks including National/Schedules/Private/Government/MNC can send OTP SMS using the Transactional route. Other Bank transactional messages such as account status, amount debited or credited, etc. cannot be transmitted. This route is reserved just for Banks for sending OTP SMS only. Variables in the template should denoted by {#var#}.

Template Content for Transactional route

Actual SMSApprove Template As
25728 is the OTP for transaction of Rs. 1500. Please do not share it with anyone.{#var#} is the OTP for transaction of Rs. {#var#}. Please do not share it with anyone.
Your OTP for Net Banking is 85273. Keep it confidential.Your OTP for Net Banking is {#var#}. Keep it confidential.


Service Implicit: This route can be used by Companies, Business organizations, and Banks to send informative SMS related to products and services. Notifications such as order confirmations, payment alerts, purchase updates, website/app login OTP, and other vital updates can be transmitted from the Service Implicit route. Variables in the template should denoted by {#var#}.

Template Content for Service Implicit route

Actual SMSApprove Template As
Your order no 1283782 will be delivered on Saturday. Thank you for choosing us.Your order no {#var#} will be delivered on {#var#}. Thank you for choosing us.
Your login OTP for website is 1643.Your login OTP for website {#var#} is {#var#}.


Service Explicit: This route is for sending offers or marketing SMS to the registered customers after obtaining their consent. Promotional messages sent to registered customers after receiving their consent will come under the category of Service Explicit. Variables in the template should denoted by {#var#}.

Template Content for Service Explicit route

Actual SMSApprove Template As
Your free gift voucher 1155 will expire in 2 days.Your free gift voucher {#var#} will expire in {#var#}.
Renew your insurance policy no 15683 before 15th July and get extra 15% discount.Renew your insurance policy no {#var#} before {#var#} and get extra {#var#} discount.


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How to add Content Template in Jio DLT?

1. Login to the Jio DLT portal.


2. Select Content Template Registration from the Template tab.


3. The Content Template Registration screen will be displayed as depicted in the image below.Content template registration page


4. Select your message text route in the Type of Communication dropdown list.Type of communication in Content Registration


5. You need to select SMS in Template Type, create a Content Template name, and choose Header from the list of previously approved Headers. Select the approved Consent ID and select your business category from the dropdown list.

As you can see in the image below, all the required fields have been filled up. Here, we have entered Service Explicit in the Type of Communication, SMS in the Template Type, Offers in the Content Template name, chosen the Header as CHKSMS, selected the Consent ID and entered Others as the business category.

Content ID choose header

Content Templates are mapped with Sender IDs so if you’ve approved your content template with one sender ID then you can only send that approved SMS from only one sender ID.

6. Next, create the Template Content. You can add variables with {#var#}. Using {#var#} in the text message, you can change the variable part of the message and keep the remaining SMS text the same for all users.

In the Template Content, you need to provide your actual SMS which you will be sending to your customers. Here, we have entered the content as “Today {#var#}, we have a special offer on {#var#}”. The first variable used in this template represents the date and the second variable denotes the product or service details. Thus, you can add multiple variables to denote the values that may change for different customers.Variable in Content


Important points related to variables

  • The variable format {#var#} is case-sensitive.
  • Variables are mandatory in the Transactional and Service messages category.
  • Promotional message categories can have fixed content as well as variable content.
  • There is a limit of two variables in a message template.
  • Values such as amount, date, account number, OTP, codes, URL, customer names, transaction ID, etc. have to be replaced with variables.


7. After entering all the details on the Content Template Registration page, click on the Submit button.

It can take 3-7 working days for Content Template approval from Jio DLT after submitting your request

Content Template registration submit


8. The details of your Content Templates submitted for approval can be viewed from the Content Template Details tab as shown in the image below. Templates requested, rejected, and registered will be visible on the DLT platform. Also, you can search for a particular template in the search box and even check the templates of a specific time range from the date field.Content template details



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