Bulk SMS with PHP

Bulk SMS is the need of the hour. It is a phenomenal tool to connect to our prospective clients and create brand awareness. Bulk SMS Service is incorporated by Multi National Firms like Coke, Amazon, Samsung and many others. Infact it is very popular among startups and small scale industries. As the reach of bulk SMS in India is wide, and information is delivered in a single click, it is implemented by all major industries and sectors. Using the services of Fast2SMS, you can also send Bulk SMS with PHP. 

bulk sms service


Our Bulk SMS API work with PHP, JAVA, C#, C, Python, Ruby, Javascript, NodeJS, etc. You need to have an authorization key which you can get from the Fast2SMS Dev API page. This API key you need to add in each API request.

You can use this Bulk SMS API to send promotional and transactional SMS.

  • Promotional SMS – In this route SMS can be sent only to the non DND numbers within a time frame of 9 AM to 9 PM only. Each SMS sent after 9 PM will be auto scheduled to the next morning 9 AM.
  • Transactional SMS – In this route, you can send non promotional SMS to DND and non DND numbers without any time limit that is 24*7. For getting this route you need to submit important documents like Aadhar Card or PAN Card.
  • Quick Transactional route – You can use the Quick transactional route for sending informative messages on DND and non DND numbers. In this route, you don’t need to submit documents for approval.

Procedure for sending Bulk SMS with PHP

Fast2SMS docs

  • Replace your API key with Fast2SMS account API Authorization key.
  • Select Sender ID
  • Type the message text. You can use the Unicode option as well.
  • For sending promotional message use p, and for transactional message use t.
  • You can send SMS on multiple mobile numbers separated by comma.


Register now at Fast2SMS and start sending Bulk SMS with PHP. Now communicating with your customers will become easy and effortless. Fast2SMS offers you a secure, robust and easy to integrate APIs to send Promotional, Transactional and Quick Transactional SMS.