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E-commerce industries have changed the whole market scenario. People prefer to do online shopping at the comfort of their home. There are so many options online which are generally not available in the nearby market. They get to choose between different varieties with the facility of delivery at doorstep.

These days more and more people prefer mobile to communicate. Consequently bulk SMS for e-commerce has become an excellent tool to connect with your existing clients and even for promotional purposes its importance cannot be denied. SMS marketing for online portals has a huge scope in terms of increasing return on investment, leading to an increase in sales and better management.

E-commerce portals has to deal with customers on a regular basis. SMS messaging services for e-commerce add value to their brand and it is very cheap and reliable source of advertising. It really helps in enhancing the customer's shopping experience and increasing conversion rates. Bulk SMS advertising is used by all major online shopping portals for interacting with customers.


What is the use of bulk SMS in e-commerce?

1. For sending order updates from time to time. Order updates like when it is shipped, when it will be delivered, tracking ID are sent via bulk SMS platform. It is successfully used by popular e-commerce sites.


"Your order via Flipkart is ready to be shipped. We will soon update you with the tracking Id".

2. For sending payment related messages. Such as sending OTP details,  SMS alerts, etc.


"OTP for single use is 45348. Keep it confidential".

3. For sending promotional and discount offers.


"Presenting Jabong Summer collection. Enjoy the experience of shopping with us."

4. For retaining customers. As soon as a person purchases something from your portal, send a message thanking them.


"Thank you for shopping with us. Please visit again".

5. For gifting them reward points. Whenever any customer purchase in large quantity, you can offer them reward points.


"You are awarded 100 points for purchasing goods worth Rs. 10,000".

Bulk SMS for electronic commerce seems to be the perfect technique for staying in touch with your customers and promoting your products at the same time. It is the most reliable and cheapest way of communicating with your clients. You can connect with your customers instantly, and make a bonding with them. It can even help to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Online Portal bulk SMS are quite popular in India these days.

As long as you are not annoying your customers with large number of SMS, e-commerce bulk SMS will work phenomenally.

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