Best Bulk SMS API for India

What is API?

Application Programming Interface or API as it is popularly known as, is the most easiest method of sending automatic messages directly from your own platform. It uses the services of an SMS gateway and act as an interface between the programs.

SMS API provides you with the opportunity to personalize your text messages and includes customer name which makes it even more valued.  Bulk SMS service API allows you to send bulk messages in different formats and in various networks.

API SMS services are extensively used in e-commerce portals where they have to regularly update the customers about order updates like when it is shipped, when it will be delivered, invoice number, tracking number, etc. It makes it easy to manage, record and store all the order updates.


Benefits of bulk SMS service API

1.  Using the bulk SMS service API, you can easily manage all your technological frameworks and join them into a single control central part which can be easily tracked and managed.

2. The speed in which API bulk SMS is sent is totally unmatchable. Thousands of SMS can be sent at a single click.

3. It also provides high security of your data.

4. API bulk SMS gateway is very flexible allowing you to incorporate numerous features and mold the messages according to you wish. It is an efficient way of sending bulk SMS.


Why Fast2SMS is the best API bulk SMS provider in India?

Fast2SMS is the most trusted  API SMS service provider in India. The speed with which the messages are sent and the quality of our services cannot be compared with any other service provider. Fast2SMS is the leading and fastest API SMS provider in India. 

It is a common phenomena that there is a large gap between the sending of the SMS and the delivery time. If you use the right SMS API gateway, this problem can be solved up to a great extent. Our robust API SMS gateway offers you to send messages at a quick speed and economical price.

Do visit Fast2SMS for sending bulk SMS through API at an affordable price. Our quality service team ensures that you get maximum value for your investment. We promise you to deliver high performance and quality driven services. There are mainly two types of bulk SMS routes- Transactional and Promotional. In addition to them we also provide quick transaction route with API integration. So visit Fast2SMS for getting exciting offers and deals.
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