Top 5 bulk SMS providers in India with pros and cons

We are living in the era of mobile revolution, where businesses are trying hard to retain customers and earn maximum profit. In such a scenario using the services of bulk SMS provider can prove to be very fruitful.

Often we get confused that which bulk SMS service provider should be undertaken to derive maximum benefit. Don’t worry, in this article we are going to describe the leading bulk SMS service providers in India with pros and cons. Bulk SMS business is growing tremendously and is expected to reach great heights in the near future. So using the services of a bulk SMS company for promotion is a good option.


Top 5 bulk SMS providers in India

1. Fast2SMS –  Number 1 bulk SMS provider on this list is Fast2SMS. Fast2SMS is the leading name in the field of bulk SMS service providers.  It was started in 2011 and till now it has a database of 2 million registered users. You can expect a high quality services from Fast2SMS. Some of its features which makes it the best among the rest are:

QR code
Quick transactional route with API integration
Schedule SMS
Multimedia file sharing
Affordable cost
Easy Interface
Instant delivery reports

Fast2SMS’s easy interface and robust technology makes it the ideal choice for every marketer. Millions of users trust Fast2SMS for their bulk SMS needs. You can add wallet balance from Rs: 10 and start sending Bulk SMS as per your need. There is no need to invest large amount if you are a startup and want to grow your business gradually. Fast2SMS also provides flash SMS, sending SMS in unicode, etc.  There are as such no cons of using the services of Fast2SMS. If you have any problem or query you can contact our support team.

2. Msg91 – Msg91 has secured second position in the list of bulk SMS providers. It claims to provide a world wide coverage with its service. The main disadvantage of using their service is that the price rates are quite high. It is not suitable for startups or small scale business as they have to invest a lot of money for bulk SMS services.

Wide coverageVery high prices
Professional websiteNot suitable for small business
APINot suitable for bulk SMS for small volumes
Addons Too much complexity


3.  TextLocal – Text local is a UK based brand emerging in India which is slowly gaining popularity. Though its services are good but the main issue is with the pricing. The pricing is quite high which is not suitable for every business. Also the customer support calls every now and then and it is very annoying if we are busy with some important work.

Real time delivery reportsVery high rates
Flexible API integrationToo many calls from the support team
Send personalized bulk SMSDelayed delivery


4. SMSHorizon – It is a bulk SMS company based in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its real time 100% delivery and is one of the popular bulk SMS service provider company. Let us quickly check the pros and cons of using this bulk SMS service provider.

100% real time deliveryNo quick transactional route
Good customer supportNo QR code
Robust platformHigh prices


5. BhashSMS – BhashSMS is a cost effective bulk SMS service provider in India. Although the prices are quite low yet it does not ensure 100% delivery and has several drawbacks.

Low pricesPoor delivery
Instant account activationUnsatisfactory service
Unlimited Sender IDsNo quick transactional route


Before selecting a bulk SMS provider make sure that it meets all your expectations. Don’t just go by the name instead believe in your own experience. The best bulk SMS service provider not only will have affordable pricing but it will surely have some extraordinary features which differentiates it from the rest. There are lot of factors to be considered before choosing bulk SMS provider. Make sure that there are no hidden charges and fake delivery report is not shown to you. So first try and then buy.


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