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Fast2SMS is a leading bulk SMS provider for schools in India. We provide bulk SMS for schools at an affordable price. Our plans and pricing suits all. We also provide bulk SMS for coaching institutes to send important information to their students.


Why schools need bulk SMS?

These days you will find a mobile phone in everybody's hand. Using a bulk SMS software for schools to communicate with teachers, students, principal, staff and parents becomes quite easy and hassle free.

1. Bulk SMS for educational institutions can prove to be of great help.  It can be used for managing attendance. For example if a student doesn't attend the school that day, an SMS will be sent to his or her parents informing that their child is absent.

2. It fosters more involvement of parents with the school management. It facilitates direct communication between teachers and parents. School SMS services are in demand nowadays. This leads to systematic management of school and establishes connectivity with parents and teachers. Also information such as parents teachers meeting date can be sent to the parents. In short parents get the review of their child's performance. And they can keep a track of it.

3. It can be used to send notifications about exam dates, time table. School bulk SMS services is utilized by all the leading schools in India for managing the schools in a better way.

4. Personally sending message to each student is not possible.  Hence if there is a cancellation of class or change of school timings all that information can be quickly conveyed within fraction of seconds. You don't need to type SMS for each student. The bulk SMS gateway takes care of this need.

5. As the SMS are read within few minutes of delivery, it makes bulk SMS services an ideal choice for every school. You can send large number of messages at a single click which makes managing easier.

6. As the SMS can be sent without having internet connection in the phone it makes the bulk SMS service quite reliable and popular source of conveying information.

Thus take the help of our bulk SMS services for educational institutions in India.


Examples of Bulk SMS for schools

Some bulk SMS examples for schools :
  • Dear Parent

This is to inform you that your ward was absent today.

  • Dear Parent

Kindly attend the parents teacher's meeting on 15-11-2017 from 9 am to 12 pm.

  • Dear Parent

School will reopen on 1st July, 2017. Attendance on first day is compulsory.

  • Dear Parent

This is to inform you that school will be closed tomorrow due to Bharat Band.


Why Fast2SMS is the best bulk SMS service provider for schools?

Our robust panel will make your bulk SMS marketing campaign more effective. Fast2SMS provides the best bulk SMS service for schools.

1. It is the most affordable bulk SMS service provider in India.

2. You can add contacts using QR code.

3. The dashboard is simple and user-friendly.

4. Multimedia files such as jpg, png, pdf, csv, mp3 can be easily shared.

5. In addition to promotional and transactional routes, Fast2SMS has introduced a new route named as quick transactional route.


Hence bulk SMS service for schools facilitates communication between school staff and parents, makes it easy to track the progress of their child. It helps the parents to get more involved in their child's education. So without further delay visit Fast2SMS and make use of our tailor made services.
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