How to send Bulk SMS from mobile?

In today’s mobile era where there is so much competition to retain customers, bulk SMS serves as the best available option for connecting with customers at the primary level. Bulk SMS Service is the fastest and quickest way to start building strong connections with customers and make your brand stand out from its competitors. Now you may have heard about sending bulk SMS from PC. But how to send Bulk SMS from mobile? Sending bulk SMS from mobile is very simple. All you need is a Bulk SMS app.

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How to send Bulk SMS from mobile?

  1. Download and Install Fast2SMS Bulk SMS app from the Google Play Store. Fast2SMS, a famous bulk SMS provider has recently launched its app available for download.
  2. After the app gets installed and you have agreed for all the permissions, the next step is to register your account in Fast2SMS if not done already. If you have an account in Fast2SMS then you can login with your credentials.
  3. After login to the app, you have to select the route for sending Bulk SMS. You can choose transactional, promotional or quick transactional route for sending SMS.
  4. Then after selecting the route, you need to select the Sender ID. You can either use the default Sender ID of Fast2SMS or create your own sender ID.
  5. Next step is to add contacts. Contacts can be added directly from the phonebook or you can add single contacts, multiple contacts saved in the address book.
  6. Now you have to select your message language. Message can be sent in English as well as in Unicode.
  7. After selecting the message language, start typing the message.
  8. Once you have written the complete message, press send.
  9. When you click on the send button 2 options will be shown – Send and Schedule. Select schedule to postpone it for a future date and time and send to send the message immediately.
  10. After some time, check the delivery report of the SMS.

Bulk SMS Marketing merits


Bulk SMS app is the best way to send bulk SMS as there is no need of shifting contacts from mobile to PC, it saves time and effort to a great extent. So start sending bulk SMS from mobile by using Fast2SMS Bulk SMS app and reach your target audience instantly.