How To Send Bulk SMS Through Internet?

The uses of Bulk SMS Services are increasing every day. According to several findings, it is stated that SMS is read within 3 minutes of delivery. It has also been stated that over 50% of online traffic is through mobile phones. With these many advantages it can be said that Bulk SMS is the best marketing tool available these days. One of the common questions people have is how to send Bulk SMS through internet? 

You can send Bulk SMS using the services of a bulk SMS provider. Choose the services of Fast2SMS, a famous bulk SMS provider in India and connect with your target audience instantly.

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Bulk SMS marketing usage

How to send Bulk SMS through Internet?

  1. Register your account in Fast2SMS. Sign up with name, email address, mobile number. Click on the Submit button to complete the registration process.
  2. Now add money in your Fast2SMS wallet. To add credit, visit the Add credit option. You can pay using debit or credit cards, net banking, paytm, etc.
  3. Next you need to select the route for sending the messages. There are 3 routes – Transactional, Quick Transactional, Promotional.
  4. Once the route is selected, you have to select Sender ID. By default sender ID of Fast2SMS is displayed. You can apply for your own sender ID and once it gets approved you are eligible to send message using your own Sender ID.
  5. Now you need to add the contact numbers. You can add numbers in lot of ways. You can add single contacts, multiple contacts, create groups, upload CSV file, etc.
  6. Type the message in the message box and press Send. You can send the message in Unicode as well.
  7. As you press send, a dialog box will show up on the screen describing the cost details, per SMS cost, valid numbers, etc.
  8. Select confirm to send the message.
  9. You can check delivery report of the SMS after some time.
  10. Even SMS can be scheduled to be sent at a later date and time.

Bulk SMS can be sent through internet using the services of a Bulk SMS Provider. Sign up now at Fast2SMS and start sending bulk SMS instantly. Fast2SMS offers you variety of SMS plans at affordable rates to help you communicate with your customer easily and effortlessly.